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Bossacucanova, Consolação (Feat. Silvio César)

Bossacucanova recently came out with a "best of" collection, and I've been playing a lot of it on the air. I've started my last 2 or 3 Saturday shows this way, beginning with an all-Brazilian music show the week that the Rio Olympics started. They have a modern, electronic approach to bossa nova that reminds me of Thievery Corporation some of Nicola Conte's production work (for example with Rosalia De Souza). So I went with them as the opener again last week, because honestly you can't go wrong playing Bossacucanova.

Plus I really like saying "Bossacucanova" on the air.

The video below has graphics from Putumayo's "Brazilian Lounge" collection, not the group's new "best of" collection.