Music Mix, December 3, 2016

Playlist from the Saturday Night Music Mix, December 3, 2016.


I led off with the reworked version of the Fatback Band's "Do the Bus Stop", from the Get Down soundtrack. It's been updated with new vocals by Sarah Ruba while keeping the original funk completely intact. The result spans 40 years in a single song. I remember hearing this one when it was new and I was a kid in Brooklyn. Mainly I was watching Sesame Street. I think I noticed this song because I rode the bus everywhere, so a song seemingly about bus stops made sense.

Also featured, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, one of Michael Franti's early projects. I've had "Television, the Drug of the Nation" in my personal library for years but only just realized it's in the station's library as well. At 25 years old it's only just barely dated, especially in light of all the recent talk about fake news. Franti could rap almost as well as Chuck D, and be almost as angry.

Time Artwork Artist Track Album iTunes
2016-12-03 22:06:30 The Fatback Band / Sarah Ruba (Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop / Suga The Get Down (Original Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series) [Deluxe Version] iTunes
2016-12-03 22:09:56 Fort Knox Five Pressurize the Cabin (feat. Vokab Kompany) Pressurize the Cabin Remixed iTunes
2016-12-03 22:13:43 Lettuce Sounds Like a Party Crush iTunes
2016-12-03 22:17:13 Jackson 5 I Want You Back The Ultimate Collection iTunes
2016-12-03 22:21:12 Bomba Estéreo Sólo Tú Amanecer iTunes
2016-12-03 22:25:24 STS9 Out of This World The Universe Inside iTunes
2016-12-03 22:30:55 Wax Tailor Clock Tick By Any Beats Necessary iTunes
2016-12-03 22:34:24 The Dynamics Whole Lotta Love Version Excursions iTunes
2016-12-03 22:40:47 Easy Star All-Stars Within You Without You (feat. Matisyahu) Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (Bonus Track Version) iTunes
2016-12-03 22:45:59 The Spam Allstars Ochimini Contra los Robóticos Mutantes iTunes
2016-12-03 22:54:52 Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Black Crow The Soft Bounce iTunes
2016-12-03 22:58:32 M83 Do It, Try It Junk iTunes
2016-12-03 23:06:30 A Tribe Called Quest The Space Program We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service iTunes
2016-12-03 23:12:11 The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Television, the Drug of the Nation Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury iTunes
2016-12-03 23:20:04 Kraftwerk Spacelab The Man Machine (Remastered) iTunes
2016-12-03 23:26:01 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene, Pt. 4 Oxygene Trilogy iTunes
2016-12-03 23:30:07 The Alan Parsons Project Mammagamma Eye In the Sky iTunes
2016-12-03 23:33:39 Pink Floyd One of These Days Meddle iTunes
2016-12-03 23:41:03 Paris to Kyiv Trans-Siberian Blues Fragmenti Remixes iTunes
2016-12-03 23:46:03 Ruckus Roboticus Girl Talk (How to Pick up Chicks) Phantom of the Disco iTunes
2016-12-03 23:52:07 French Horn Rebellion Foolin' Around Classically Trained iTunes
2016-12-03 23:56:23 M83 Moon Crystal Junk iTunes