Music Mix, November 12, 2016

Playlist from the Saturday Night Music Mix, November 12, 2016.

And now it's a few days after the election. As tempting as it was to go political in my selections, I thought we could all use something to take the edge off, to help put a smile back on people's faces even just for a couple of hours.

So, I went with songs that are funny, weird, or just unexpected.

I really wanted to play Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I couldn't find a clean-for-airplay version (there's that "life's a piece of shit" line). I mentioned this on Twitter, and Eric Idle responded. I wouldn't normally edit a song before playing it but since Idle wrote and performed the song I considered this to be an officially endorsed edit.

Time Artwork Artist Track Album iTunes
2016-11-12 22:06:30 Monty Python Meaning of Life Monty Python Sings (Again) iTunes
2016-11-12 22:08:46 Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper Elvis is Everywhere Bo Day Shus!!! iTunes
2016-11-12 22:13:38 Cake Mahna, Mahna Cake: B-Sides and Rarities iTunes
2016-11-12 22:16:32 "Weird Al" Yankovic Word Crimes Mandatory Fun iTunes
2016-11-12 22:21:16 Was (Not Was) I Feel Better Than James Brown Are You Okay? iTunes
2016-11-12 22:25:58 Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band @$$ Greatest Hips Vol II iTunes
2016-11-12 22:31:06 Reverend Billy C Wirtz Just Can't Seem to Get the Blues A Turn for the Wirtz iTunes
2016-11-12 22:36:18 Flight of the Conchords Robots (Live) The Distant Future - EP iTunes
2016-11-12 22:42:47 Monty Python Always Look On the Bright Side of Life Monty Python Sings (Again) iTunes
2016-11-12 22:46:22 Frank Zappa Montana Over-Nite Sensation iTunes
2016-11-12 22:52:58 The Blues Brothers Rubber Biscuit Briefcase Full of Blues iTunes
2016-11-12 22:55:54 The Specials Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) [2002 Remaster] More Specials (2002 Remaster) iTunes
2016-11-12 23:06:34 Monty Python Galaxy Song Monty Python Sings (Again) iTunes
2016-11-12 23:09:15 The B-52's Wig Bouncing Off the Satellites iTunes
2016-11-12 23:13:39 "Weird Al" Yankovic NOW That's What I Call Polka! Mandatory Fun iTunes
2016-11-12 23:17:45 Run-DMC You Be Illin' Raising Hell iTunes
2016-11-12 23:22:10 The Hot Sardines Your Feet's Too Big The Hot Sardines iTunes
2016-11-12 23:25:30 Alberta Hunter My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More Amtrak Blues iTunes
2016-11-12 23:29:16 Lyle Lovett Here I Am Lyle Lovett and His Large Band iTunes
2016-11-12 23:33:19 Lee Press-on and the Nails Well Did You Evah? El Bando En Fuego! iTunes
2016-11-12 23:36:11 Phish Scent of a Mule (Hoist) iTunes
2016-11-12 23:41:10 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) The Heist iTunes
2016-11-12 23:45:05 The Chemical Brothers The Salmon Dance We Are the Night iTunes
2016-11-12 23:48:45 Frank Zappa Dancin' Fool Sheik Yerbouti iTunes
2016-11-12 23:52:25 The Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl Beelzebubba iTunes
2016-11-12 23:55:03 Sublime Hong Kong Phooey Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits iTunes