Halloween Music Mix, October 29, 2016

Playlist from the Halloween edition of the Saturday Night Music Mix, October 29, 2016.


Damn this was a fun show to do. Here's a few highlights:

  • Bow Wow Wow, "I Want Candy", because as any kid can tell you, that's the true meaning of Halloween.
  • "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror. Dr. T played this the night before on KRCC but I thought, let's play the Time Warp again.
  • Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein". "I'm a hungry man but I don't want pizza. I'll burn down your house and then I'm gonna eat ya." That rhyme, now, that's clever.
  • Tom Waits doing "What's He Building in There?". I don't know what he's building but I want to see a movie based on this song.
  • Ken Nordine's "Lavender". Not strictly a Halloween song but Lady Lavender sounds like she might be a witch. Also if you've never heard Ken Nordine, what are you doing with your life?
  • Blue Oyster Cult doing "Joan Crawford", who has apparently risen from the grave.
  • M83's "Car Chase Terror", a little horror movie in a song. Extra creepy because there's one character but she seems to have multiple personalities.
  • Book of Love's "Tubular Bells / Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls (Regan’s House Mix)". The Exorcist meets 80's dance music.

KRCC's audio archives are currently on the fritz, so here's a Youtube playlist of music from the show.

Time Artwork Artist Track Album iTunes
2016-10-29 22:06:30 Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy The Best of Bow Wow Wow iTunes
2016-10-29 22:09:13 Talking Heads Psycho Killer Talking Heads 77 (Deluxe Version) iTunes
2016-10-29 22:13:34 LEE PRESS-ON and the NAILS Boogie Man Playing Dirty: LPN Live at the Derby iTunes
2016-10-29 22:16:49 Little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O'Brien Time Warp The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) iTunes
2016-10-29 22:21:09 SHONEN KNIFE Devil House Pretty Little Baka Guy iTunes
2016-10-29 22:24:13 Phish Wolfman's Brother (Hoist) iTunes
2016-10-29 22:28:40 Levi Stubbs, Rick Moranis, Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold & Tisha Campbell Feed Me (Git It) Little Shop of Horrors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) iTunes
2016-10-29 22:32:07 Flight of the Conchords Demon Woman I Told You I Was Freaky iTunes
2016-10-29 22:34:05 CJ & Co. Devil's Gun The Get Down (Original Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series) [Deluxe Version] iTunes
2016-10-29 22:37:39 Michael Jackson Thriller Thriller iTunes
2016-10-29 22:44:36 Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party Dead Man's Party iTunes
2016-10-29 22:50:56 Lady Gaga Monster The Fame Monster (Deluxe Version) iTunes
2016-10-29 22:55:05 Gnarls Barkley The Boogie Monster St. Elsewhere iTunes
2016-10-29 23:06:26 Alice Cooper Feed My Frankenstein Alice Cooper Classicks iTunes
2016-10-29 23:11:10 Tom Waits What's He Building in There Mule Variations iTunes
2016-10-29 23:14:30 Ken Nordine Lavender Colors iTunes
2016-10-29 23:16:02 Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell Hot (Remastered / 20th Anniversary Edition) iTunes
2016-10-29 23:20:14 Richard O'Brien, Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick Over At the Frankenstein Place The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) iTunes
2016-10-29 23:22:59 Ray Parker, Jr. Ghostbusters Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) iTunes
2016-10-29 23:27:02 Blue Öyster Cult Joan Crawford Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Öyster Cult iTunes
2016-10-29 23:31:56 M83 Car Chase Terror ! Before the Dawn Heals Us iTunes
2016-10-29 23:35:41 M83 Slight Night Shiver Before the Dawn Heals Us iTunes
2016-10-29 23:39:31 Book of Love Tubular Bells / Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls (Regan's House Mix) Just Say Yo! iTunes
2016-10-29 23:53:57 Shonen Knife Buddha's Face Brand New Knife iTunes